Tuesday, December 01, 2015
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Black Caste Assassins of Second Life Gor

"The training of the assassin is thorough and cruel. He who wears the black of that caste has not won it easily."


"Rest in Peace, Colton Alexzander - Dark (khampoh) of the Caste of Assassins. See you again Brother. In the City of Dust. Glory to the Black Caste!"

Follow the adventures of "The Assassin Solomon Voss". In Issue 1 - ARRIVAL GOR - we discover our protagonist laying face down in a meadow, naked and alone. Voss is an Assassin for a government sanctioned group known only as The Organisation and what he first takes for another test soon turns out to be something very different. Solomon's world is about to be turned upside down and his grasp on reality put to the ultimate test.


"The Assassin Solomon Voss". In Issue 2 - ONLY FOOLS & BLACK CASTE - Solomon is befriended by a dark clad stranger who offers him sanctury in a secluded camp but the respite is short lived as Solomon finds himself tricked and set upon by dangerously skilled fighting men.


In Issue 3 - THE BIRTHING POOL - From unconsciousness to a watery trap. The killer from earth leaps from one predicament to the next. How long will Solomon remain restrained by his mysterious captors and will anyone take pity and come to his aid?


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Do you want to keep this BC Network private and for Black Caste Role-players only or open for anyone to learn from?

Original Artwork

I plan to upload my Black Caste themed artwork as soon as I find the time. They will be free to download..

Featured SL Merchants

  • Primus Weapons: Bows, Swords, Axes, Slave Weapons and much much more. Sold by Thord Karu.
  • Ripped: Gorean, Medievil Fantasy Clothing and Accessories. Sold by Beautifully Sinister.
  • The Fallen: Gorean, Medievil Fantasy Clothing and Accessories. Sold by Triad Fallen.
  • Vo-Fhang Weapons: Superbly scripted weapons. Quality over quantity. Sold by Tungsten Engineer.
  • LR Weapons: Weapons merchant of Gor. Sold by Allia Lane.

About This Website

This website was created out of the enjoyment of roleplaying as a Black Caste Assassin within the Second Life Gor Roleplay...

SL Groups and IMs

I understand that SL Groups (of any caste) can be very useful for OOC administration but beyond this I personally do not...

BC Training

Black Caste training has been about since the first appearance of a Gorean SL Sim, just not so 'organised' back then within...

The Sim Law is dead. Long live RP!

Quick history lesson. Back in the Dark ages of SL Gor, there came a period of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Sim owners regularly called...

Lure Girls

Lure girl is a term used in reference to slaves used in the luring of men for the purpose of capture. The prisoners are most...

Female Warriors on Gor

Female Warriors on Gor "For one thing she was not of the warriors and was thus not entitled to this badge of station; indeed,...
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Sims Worth a Visit

Forget about the RP it's all in the build! If it's a city, I don't want to feel as if I am in Lego Land. If it's Wilderness, I want to feel the flow of the landscape. if you take my breath away - I'll be happier than a pig in shit!

City of_Windsong

The City of Windsong wins hands down over most Gorean city sims. Every placement of every prim enhances the realism effect.

Visit the City of Windsong


The City of Jasmine is another beautifully put together city sim that makes you want to stick around.

Visit the City of Jasmine